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xanthan-gum-300x300Xanthan gum or E415 give rise for the type of material that is added to food installer him like the sauce as well as in some other products. Xanthan gum is produced from a type of bacteria or bacterial cover and called Xanthomonas campestris or Xanthomonas Almarjah, which is classified as a multi sugar or polysaccharides. And thus it may be defined xanthan gum as a natural gummy substance multiple sugar and high molecular weight and is produced by exposure to process glucose fermentation of sugar by the bacterium Xanthomonas Almarjah. There are several factors that affect the quality that is described by this gum, and these factors influence which results from bacteria used and the method of production. To prepare the xanthan gum is to bring a solution of sterile water and Mthoi carbohydrates and placed source of the element nitrogen, as well as material clorazepate dual potassium as well as some other elements called trace elements, and this multi-sugar produced outside the cell. It must be careful to expose the solution for good ventilation, as well as to move the well to mix materials and access to high quality, and then a multi sugar to the fermentation process is exposed by the bacterium Xanthomonas Almarjah, it has a period of fermentation lasts for approximately two to about four days. Having finished the fermentation process is a polymer output filter, where the substance is placed isopropanol her and then drying the polymer and is crushed to produce Negotiable powder that dissolves in water or even in the brines. You can use xanthan in very small quantities for the liquid substance to be put in, it can increase the viscosity of the liquid is very high up and give him the thickness and thickness to maintain the homogeneity and consistency of the mixture, which also does not affect the taste of food that is added to it, and that's what made him a high value in the manufacturing . This gum is used in sauces that are placed on the authorities to Tetbilha, and can be used in all different kinds of sauces as well. Add the xanthan gum in the frozen foods and is also used in frozen drinks and frozen drinks. Xanthan gum is added to the gluten-free bread is used instead of the egg whites in a food where it is used, as well as entering in the manufacture of ice cream. Apart from the food it is used to give the drilling mud thickness as in the oil industry, as well as in some cosmetics, it is considered a good moisturizer for the skin, and is also used in the manufacture of glue and materials that need to give it viscosity and cohesion.